Saturday, April 19, 2014


Home, sweet home! I love Japan, and I love Osaka, but as a true New Yorker, my heart will always remain at home. Fortunately, recently that does not mean I will be deprived of ramen. The boom that took me to Totto Ramen but a couple years ago has continued, and on this occasion it brought me to Dassara in Brooklyn.

I was originally hoping to try Keizo Shimamoto's ramen burger, but it turned out to be a dinner-only item, so I stuck with the standard ramen sets. I went for the chicken ramen set that came with a pork belly sandwich. My brother went for the strange deli ramen; chicken broth with a wide range of deli toppings, including diced celery and matzoh balls.



Pork belly sandwiches, fatty, tender, and covered with a sweet barbecue-like sauce

The deli ramen was a strange concoction; matzoh balls, roast beef, and diced celery made it really taste like something out of Jewish kitchen

The Bowl
Dassara's chicken ramen was an interesting presentation; toppings in their own corners with a poached egg covered in red pepper on top. The broth itself was a light and clear chicken soup, with a good dose of pepper from the poached egg. The thick and curly noodles stood well on their own, but the broth wasn't quite thick enough to make use of their soaking power. The pork belly in the ramen was, like the sandwich, well spiced, juicy and delicious.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah; I still need to try the ramen burger.


Should You Go?
Yeah, it's a good place in New York.



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