Thursday, April 3, 2014


One of the great things about being in the ramen-eating business is that new shops are springing up all the time. One of the unfortunate things, is that shops are closing, too. It's all too often that a shop closes, and its place a new one is born. This time the sad closing of Mendokoro Ishin has brought forth equally strange Saina. Saina's dish is the Tamagotoji Ramen, or egg soup ramen. I'd never heard of anything like this before, so I prepared my tongue and ordered it.

ラーメンが好きな人にはよく新しい店ができるのが便利です。でも、同じように店がよく潰れます。同じ場所で一つの店が潰れて、次の月に新しい店ができるのが珍しくないです。今回昔に行った麺処 維新がつぶれて彩七が開店しました。彩七の名物は玉子とじラーメン。そんなラーメンを聞いたことなかったので、食べてみました。

All you could eat mustard greens on the side.
The Bowl
Technically, this was shoyu ramen, but I would never have guessed it just by tasting it. The broth was thin and eggy, more similar to soup you'd get at a Chinese restaurant as an appetizer than something you'd find in a ramen shop. The springy, yellow noodles drifted below the surface of the broth, though the soup was so light that the noodles didn't pick up much of the flavor. In addition to the many strips of egg, the soup was filled with chashu, menma, onions, and nori.


Would I Go Again?
I give them credit for being different, but it didn't quite come together in the end. I won't be back.


Should You Go?



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