Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fusuma ni Kakero

The big Osaka ramen story of the past few months is Strike-ken, a new shop in Tenma. Two notable ramen chefs, had an argument: which is better, classic chuka soba, or new age wacky ramen? In addition to Strike-ken, the two chefs of course also run shops of their own. The chuka soba chef's shop Nunpoko closed before I even knew about it, but the shop of Nakazaki Icho, the new age chef, remains open.

Fusuma ni Kakero is located in fashionable Nakazakicho, and serves shio during the day but shoyu at night. I went for dinner, so shoyu it was. Even within the realm of shoyu, they offered a classic shoyu with a lot of chashu, or an assari shoyu with shellfish in the bowl. I waited on line and went for the strange latter of the two.



The Bowl
This was a refreshing bowl of shoyu, with a slight twist. The broth was light and easy to drink; adding the sudachi they had on the side made it even lighter and gave it an interesting citrus flavor. The noodles were straight, thin and firm. The chashu was chicken, and similar to other chicken chashu I've had, was firm, light, and went well with the soup. Of course on top were the clams, which may have been strange to eat in a bowl of ramen, but were still delicious.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, I especially want to try the shio.


Should You Go?


麬にかけろ 中崎壱丁 中崎商店會1-6-18号ラーメン

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