Wednesday, February 12, 2014


You can tell that I'm feeling lazy on a day if I go to a shop on Dotonbori during the daytime. Today's shop, Tekkamen, is a bit farther down than the main cluster of shops, closer to Nipponbashi Station. It wasn't a particularly special shop either, kind of your normal serve-every-style generic shop. And when you give me a choice between any style, I choose miso.


The Bowl
The meal was served in a large clay bowl to keep in the heat for as long as possible. And hot it was, a thin miso filled with sesame seeds. The noodles were fat and curly, and tasted strangely like menma. Nothing compared to my favorite miso shops, but certainly worthy of a generic shop like this one.


Would I Go Again?
It was fine, but not amazing. I won't be back.


Should You Go?
Maybe if you're drunk in Namba.



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