Monday, February 10, 2014


I was hungry and looking for ramen shops in the Namba area I haven't been to. I eat in Namba often, so I have a pretty good handle on what shops are around, but every once in a while I notice one that has somehow slipped under my radar. This time, it was Tokio Sazae, a spicy lobster miso ramen shop located right in the middle of Nipponbashi's otaku paradise, Denden Town. How I missed such a place is beyond me, but I was pretty excited to check it out.

Tokio Sazae's main dish is the lobster ramen. Although it's ramen, it comes with some spicy sauce on top and on the side, meant to be mixed in like abura soba. Also a side of a bread, because, why not?

お腹がすいてミナミに行ったことないラーメン屋さんを探しました。よくミナミで食べるので、ほとんどの見せ知っていますけど、たまに気づいていない店が出てきます。今回はTOKIO SAZAEという辛いオマール海老味噌ラーメンがメインの店を見つけました。どうやって今まで知らなかったのがなぞです。

TOKIO SAZAEの名物はオマール海老ラーメンでした。ラーメンなんですけど、油そばっぽくソースが付いて、食べる前に混ぜるべきです。それに、おまけのパンも出てきました。

Pre-mixed lobster ramen
Extra sauce and garlic
Bonus bread
The Bowl
Furthermore likening the ramen to abura soba, the broth was more like a sauce than a soup. It had a strong lobster taste, backed up by miso. It was pretty good on its own, but it became more and more spicy and delicious as I mixed in more sauce. The noodles were fat; good for a saucy broth like this one. The bread was a strange addition, but it went well with the rich flavors of the lobster concoction. Spicy, weird, and delicious.


Would I Go Again?
I would have, but it's closed at time of writing.


Should You Go?
If it was still open.



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