Sunday, October 7, 2012


I was just in Tokyo visiting a couple of shops that I had gone to long ago, and now it's time for one more.  Mitaseimenjo, much like the other tsukemen shop Yasube, is a chain from Tokyo.  There has been a shop in Umeda that I've been too lazy to go to, and now there is a shop in Namba too.  I'd been to the one in Ebisu in Tokyo, and remembered it being solid.  How will it taste in Namba?

They offer a choice between tsukemen and spicy tsukemen, so obviously I chose the spicy.

つけ麺専門店 三田製麺所
2-11-3 Sennichimae

The Bowl
I think I may have forgotten how good Tokyo-style gyokai tonkotsu tsukemen is.  You can find some good ones in Osaka, but Mitaseimenjo still stands out as being very good.  Thick broth that's tingly-spicy.  Fat, firm noodles.  The menma and chunks of chashu in the soup were soft and very flavorful.  The wari-soup that topped it off was light and refreshing.

Would I Go Again?
I might.  Maybe I'll hit up the Umeda one next time.

Should You Go?
Yeah, it's a good gyokai tonkotsu tsukemen in a really convenient location.

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