Friday, October 28, 2011

Tsukemen Suzume

My tsukemen-loving friend and I were looking for somewhere to eat, and a pretty good place in America Village came to mind.  I had been to Suzume once before, and I remembered it being solid, but I wanted to refresh my memory, show my friend, and blog about it.

Last time I got the spicy tsukemen, but this time I held out and ordered the store-recommended gyokai tonkotsu version.

つけ麺 雀
Ōsaka-fu Ōsaka-shi Chūō-ku Nishishinsaibashi2丁目11−11
Tsukemen Suzume is in America Village, just a block south of the triangle park.

The Bowl
The noodles were, in standard fashion, thick, chewy, and curly.  The broth was a rich, medium-thickness gyokai tsukemen.  It was very flavorful, and tasted good with the very tender menma and chashu that was hiding inside.

Would I Go Again?
I was glad I went a second time, and I would go again.  It may not be the best gyokai tonkotsu in Osaka, but it was very good, and I would even say that I liked the spicy miso tsukemen better.

Should You Go?
Yeah, sure.  It's in a good location, so drop by after some shopping in America Village.  Just make sure you don't splash on any of the nice clothes you buy there.

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