Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I walk home from work a lot, which means crossing through the center of Osaka.  I vary up my routes, which means I randomly stumble upon interesting bars, cafes, restaurants, and of course, ramen shops.  Enisi is a shop that I found a while ago, had forgotten about, and then found again.

Enisi offers a soup made with pork bone, collagen, and dries sardines.  You can choose if you want the paitan (thick) or chintan (thin) soup, and shoyu or shio.  When I asked for a recommendation, he said that for people who like thick soups, go with the paitan, which I did.

出稼げば大富豪ラーメン えにし
3-6-13 Kawaramachi

The Bowl
The broth, being shio, was light, but creamy.  There was a clear visible layer of fat you can see even in the photo, and it tasted very strongly of the dried sardines that made up the soup.  The noodles were medium thickness and straight, and tasted good with the soup.  The menma was dark, and that, the jelly-like egg, and the chashu were all pretty good.

Would I Go Again?
Yeah, this place made a mean, creamy shio.  Maybe I'll try the thin soup next time.

Should You Go?
Yeah, I'd definitely say go there if you're looking for a place in the Honmachi area, or if you're a shio fan.

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