Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Koji Labo

The curry shop Oretachi no Curry in Den Den Town recently undertook a transformation to become a ramen shop: Koji Labo. While I was tempted to try the curry ramen on their menu, the staff suggested I try their miso ramen instead.

でんでんタウンにある「俺たちのカレー」が最近ラーメン屋さん化しました。「Koji Labo」になりました。カレーラーメンは気になりましたけど、味噌ラーメンがお勧めしてもらったので、それにしました。

The Bowl
The broth base was a salty and oily miso, but that was really where this bowl began. Flakes of mashed potatoes hovered just above sea line, and as those were mixed in the meal became a hearty potage. The pork, similar to other bowls I had recently, glowed red, and with my first bite or two I would have sworn it was roast beef. It turns out it's roast pork, a recent trend of similarly curated meat. To my delight, at the end I was given a bit of curry paste to add. This turned the whole thing into a potato curry stew that barely registered as ramen. What a journey!


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
Worth a stop for adventurers.


麺処 Koji Labo

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