Monday, December 18, 2017

Ramen Toride

Toride has at time of writing invaded Osaka, opening up several shops across the city. It's first shop was in Namba, where I was invited for their preopening. They specialize in seafood ramen: they had a shellfish paitan and shrimp shio, of which I was able to try both.


The Bowl
The shellfish bowl did not hold back on the seafood. Very few other tastes made it through the cloudy, white filter. The garlic cracklings were the one topping that smoothed this abnormal ramen out. The wide red slice of bacon was good too; it had the consistency and juiciness of roast beef.

Similarly, the next bowl was more shrimp than shio. A whole shrimp, shrimp oil, and a shrimp wonton, in addition to wherever else they may have hidden shrimp in the tare. Not what I would expect from most ramen shops, but an exquisite form of seafood soup.



Would I Go Again?
Yes, I've been looking for an excuse to visit their other shops.


Should You Go?



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