Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bakudori KING

Den Den Town has gradually become more and more of a hub for ramen shops. On this fine night I visited Bakudori King, a thick chicken ramen shop. I got the appropriately named dorobaku or "thick explosion".


The Bowl
Bakudori produced an ultra-condensed chicken soup. Soup doesn't really do it justice; it was an overwhelmingly rich, meaty, viscous goop, that was good in a limited quantity, and it was smart of KING to deliver just the right dose. The noodles matched the broth: short, but thick. A single formation of chashu jutted out, also booming with color and flavor.


Would I Go Again?
I couldn't eat this every day, but I wouldn't mind another visit.


Should You Go?
Kotteri fans should check this place out.



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