Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ramen Bakappuru

I don't make it out of Osaka city very often, and there are a lot of shops in the burbs that I haven't visited. I'm always excited, then, when shops decide to move closer to the action. Ramen Bakappuru was technically in the city, but now moved to the convenient location of Awaza, where I was able to visit it easily. They had a chicken paitan, but the owner recommended the unusual bonito ramen, so I went with that.

あまり大阪市を出ませんから、郊外に行ったことがないラーメン屋さんがなかなか多いです。ほんで、店が市内に引っ越ししてくれると嬉しいです。「らーめん ばかっぷる」は旭区から阿波座に来て、すぐ行けるようになりました。鶏白湯が気になりましたけど、オススメしてもらった鰹節らーめんにしました。

The Bowl
I've never had a bowl so deep with the flavors of one kind of fish. The soup was a very peppery bonito syrup, but not overly fishy and eminently drinkable. The thickness of the soup was perfect for the medium, al dente noodles to drink in.

There was no shortage of toppings. Large chunks of fried onion marked their territory by standing out in one corner of the bowl. They got a bit soggy, unfortunately, but still tasted good. The stewed pork, on the other hand, was rich with flavor but mellowed out by the bonito stock. On the side, wasabi, lemon, and shichimi were served, and even more surprisingly, they worked. The wasabi added a tinge of its expected spiciness, triggering memories of sashimi.




Would I Go Again?
I really wish I could. But like many other shops, Bakappuru packed up and moved on.


Should You Go?
I hope you went before this post went up.


らーめん ばかっぷる

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