Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ramen Kasumi

One of the ever changing shops in Nakazakicho has changed again. First it was shrimp tsukemen shop Typhoon Gang. Then it was jiro-style shop Ginjiro. Now it's the second shop of fantastic Awaza shio Kasumi. A bit of a difference from the light bowls from the first shop, the new branch specializes in thick chicken shio ramen.


The Bowl
This was the polar opposite of the flagship's bowl of shio. Where the the original shio was light and easy to drink, this was a syrupy, pungent bowl of salty chicken gravy. The noodles were medium-with a good chew, but they couldn't help but take in some of the massive amounts of sodium in the soup. The slices of chicken were the best way to take in the broth. They were moist with a bit of sweetness on their own, which ended up meshing well with the gravy. This bowl had some good highs, but was hard to take the full amount.


Would I Go Again?
I'm not sure, I would certainly hit up the original Kasumi before I went back to this one.


Should You Go?
Thick chicken paitan lovers might like this one, but it shouldn't be first on your list.


らーめん 香澄

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