Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kyoto Kujo Negi Festival

I had a free Sunday and wanted to do something outdoors with some friends while it was still warm. Originally we planned to go hiking, and that plan devolved into hitting up a food festival somewhere. We chose the Kyoto Kujo Negi Festival, a festival celebrating Kyoto's delicious green onions. Unbeknownst to me, there was a ramen showing as part of that festival. Need I say more?


There was a contest to see how many bowls of ramen these guys could eat in a set time.
Shops from all around Japan, all featuring Kujo negi.

When you get an opportunity like this, you don't waste it. So I hit two shops. The first was JinGu, from Tokyo, showing a gyukotsu ramen. And as if that wasn't enough, I stopped by Kisshomaru, a Kyoto shop, after for some shrimp tonkotsu ramen.


The Bowl

This was a beefy, garlicky gyukotsu bowl. It wasn't sweet like other gyukotsu I've had before, but it wasn't too heavy either. The noodles had a bit of the garlic flavor to them, too. The roast beef on top was something I'm not used to in ramen; but it went with the theme and tasted good.


Kisshomaru 吉匠丸
If I've only had gyukotsu ramen a couple times before, I've never had shrimp tonkotsu before. Lemon, seaweed, chashu, greens, and a potato on top for good measure. The broth was good and very shrimpy; the added flavors of the lemon and the seaweed worked really well, too. A broth this flavorful is often better in festival-sized mini bowls than big bowls, but in that size, it was great.



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