Monday, March 6, 2017


Out drinking on a Saturday, I was witness to one of the stranger events in Osaka: A series of boats that look like sushi were sent down Dotonbori river.


I'm not sure what exactly this parade was celebrating, but I'm happy to be there. All that sushi made me hungry, though, so my friends and I decided to find a place to eat. It was pretty late so we decided to try Shi43ya, a late night shio and clam shop, that had recently opened a second shop. On my visit to the first shop I got the standard, so this time I decided to try the shijimi miso ramen.


The Bowl
Even with miso, this was the kind of bowl you can appreciate late at night. After, or during, a night of drinking, I want something with a bit of oil, but pretty simple and not too thick. This bowl had enough miso to keep it flavorful, but was very easy to drink. The only toppings were the shijimi clams, curly noodles, and bok choy. I would have been left unsatisfied if I had come in with a big appetite, but it was perfect for the time.


Would I Go Again?
I won't go when I'm normally looking for ramen, but after a few drinks I wouldn't be surprised if I end up there again.


Should You Go?
When you're looking for just a bit of salt when you're out in Namba, stop at Shi43ya.


しじみラーメン Shi43屋

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