Thursday, January 26, 2017


A shop opened up in Higashi Umeda, in between the alleys with snack bars and izakayas. Toratetsu is not a straight ramen shop, but a gyoza specialty shop, with other food and drinks as well. The chef is a ramen fan, though, so he cooks up a chicken paitan in addition to a maze soba. The gyoza themselves looked pretty good, but I visited alone and was only so hungry, so I kept my eye on the prize and ordered the chicken paitan.


The Bowl
As soon as the bowl was slid in front of me, I realized this would be no standard fare. The thing looked like a milky mess of bacon bits, and smelled like yuzu pepper. The soup was a thick chicken potage, and with each meaty slurp came a slew of red onions. After drinking some broth I would chew through the crunchy, charred bacon harbored in every spoonful of broth. The noodles were thick and flat, weighed down by the soup, bacon, corn, chicken, and other toppings in this smorgasborg. Just looking at that bowl it looks maybe a bit overdone, but the elegant combination turned out quite well.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, I already have in fact to try the gyoza.

Should You Go?
Go with a friend, get some ramen, some gyoza, and some drinks.


炊き餃子と麺 虎鉄


  1. You forgot to mention did you like the gyoza....

    1. The gyoza were pretty good! But the ramen was better.