Monday, January 30, 2017

Chuka Soba Kazura

Lunch only ramen shops are very frustrating, but pretty common. I'm not sure why so many shops don't open for dinner, and especially so many popular ones. I guess if you sell out of your soup during the day, you don't need to pay staff for dinner. Still, it makes them annoying to visit.

Today's lunch only shop is luckily one very central: Chuka Soba Kazura in Awaza. Kazura is a small shop, seating only 9, so I had to wait on line for a bit before I could enter. They had only two menu items: a shoyu dashi soba and their shio awai soba. I waited my turn and ordered the dashi soba.



The Bowl
Just from looking at this ramen I would not be able to tell it was shoyu. Similar to all-time favorite Yashichi, it's kind of a modern approach to shoyu ramen. It was the closest thing I've seen to a ramen latte: frothy, milky, and easy to drink. The chicken-based umami was there, but with very soft edges. The noodles were round and medium-thick, maybe even a bit too thick, but solid overall. The chashu was light with just a bit of chew. It didn't have that much flavor on its own, but provided a different texture to take in the creaminess of the broth.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


中華蕎麦 葛


  1. I think this ramen style is a bit unusual because its soup style is not common in Japan--authentic shoyu soup base has a medium to dark brownish color (or nearly black in some cases).

    1. Yeah, it tends to be thinner, as opposed to this ridiculously frothy bowl. Definitely worth checking out!