Sunday, January 22, 2017


One shop near me is a bit of a strange one. It's a 24 hour almost diner-looking place with a giant American flag in front, neon beer advertisements, and an accompanying menu with too many pages to count. Still, ramen is ostensibly their specialty, so it was a matter of time until I showed up for a bowl.

On this night I was making my way home with a friend when we realized at the middle of night that we were hungry. Reminding me of my times in New York, nothing fits late nights quite right like a diner, so Kosuiten was perfect. Of course I had to order something funky, so I got the carbonara tsukemen. My friend went even further and got the corn mayo ramen.


今回、深夜に友達とバーから変えていたところでお腹がすいてきました。ニューヨークにいたときにこんな場合だったら絶対ダイナーに行っていたので、ダイナーっぽい「壺水天 」がちょうどよかったです。せっかくこういう店に入ったので、変わっているメニューにせなあかんと思いました。つけ麺カルボにして、友達がさらに変なコーンマヨラーメンにしました。

Corn mayo ramen

The Bowl
As expected, this was...strange. The broth was no normal tsukemen broth. In fact, it was barely soup at all; more like a mix of sesame and garlic oil. That's not a strike against it. I don't think normal broth would go with a carbonara themed mixture, but the noodles themselves, while nicely chewy, also didn't bring much flavor to the table. It felt like eating C-grade pasta in oil sauce. The bacon wasn't too bad, I suppose. The corn mayo ramen on the other hand was barely edible...but corn mayo is not really my jam anyway.



Would I Go Again?
The ramen wasn't any good, but to be honest, I could see a drunk version of myself stumbling in and trying some karaage or something. Not sober though.


Should You Go?


こだわりらーめんカフェ 壺水天

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