Saturday, October 1, 2016


Tennoji is not normally considered a central location for ramen in Osaka, but a new shop Wabito may be the first of many to change this. I biked down their on a day off to try their Wabito Ramen.

天王寺はラーメン激戦区と考えられていませんけど、たまに 気になる店できています。「和人らーめん」という店ができて、「和人らーめん」というメニューを食べに行きました。

All the utensils and condiments you need are hidden away in drawers

The Bowl
This was ostensibly shoyu ramen, but the broth was more like a super light seafood dashi. It was so simple and weightless it was like drinking air. The noodles were curly and short; a little thick for the broth, but the main issue was that they clumped together in hardened parts in the soup that I had to pull apart with my chopsticks. The chicken in the bowl was a bit strange; it had a taste that reminded me a little bit of citrus fruits and a little bit of the smell of dishwasher detergent.

醤油ラーメンなんですけど、すっごくあっさりとした魚介出汁の感じでした。本当にかるーくて、空気を飲んでいたかのようでした。麺は短いめの縮れ麺でした。ちょっと硬くて絡んで、お箸で取りにくかったです。鶏チャーシューもなんか面白い味がしました。あっさりとした シトラス風味がしました。

Would I Go Again?
The broth was good, but there was enough strange with the bowl that I won't be running back.


Should You Go?
You should be able to find better bowls closer to the center of the city.


麺屋 和人


  1. Interestingly, I'm surprised there aren't more decent noodle shops around Tennoji Station. Tennoji Station is a HUGE crossroads of passenger rail traffic in central Osaka, what with two Osaka Subway lines, Kintetsu's Osaka Abenobashi Station, and the Hankai Tramway Line all within very short walking distance of the main JR West Station itself.

    1. Yeah, for sure. Tennoji always comes off as overdeveloped to me. It's full of department stores and restaurant floors; I prefer wandering around the seedy alleys of Teradacho and Shinsekai.