Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ramen Mazesoba Arashi

These Taiwan mazesoba places are popping up everywhere! It was only a matter of time before one appeared in Shinsaibashi, and Ramen Mazesoba Arashi gets to claim the trophy of being first. As per standard, it has a straightforward menu with one main dish: the Taiwan maze soba.

台湾まぜそばやさんがどんどん増えてきました。やっと、心斎橋ら辺に一軒が出てきました。「らーめん まぜそば あらし」が最初でた店です。台湾まぜそば屋さんらしく、名物は「台湾まぜそば」です。

The Bowl
These bowls are starting to fall into a pattern. The noodles were nice and thick, with a tiny spice kick and rich konbu flavor. It wasn't bad, but it was salty and a little simple compared to the others I've had.


Would I Go Again?
It would be a good stop late night, but there's enough of these shops I think I'll try a different one.


Should You Go?
You should definitely try this style; this wouldn't be my go to, but it's decent and is in a good location.


らーめん まぜそば あらし

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