Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Taiwan Maze Soba shops have been popping up all around Osaka. The style introduced in Nagoya has finally made its way to Kansai. Tsubaki has brought it to Kitashinchi, though at time of writing they have moved to Nipponbashi. As with specialized shops like this, I ordered the one main menu item, the Taiwan maze soba.


The Bowl
The egg on top of the mixture bonded with the already substantial curly noodles to form thick, chewy, glazes ropes. There was actual spice in the bowl, and the garlic gave the bowl bite, too. It was a bit salty, which made it a bit tougher to eat as it went on, but Tsubaki provided a kelp vinegar that balanced out the salt and sweetened up the meal.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
You should definitely try one of these Taiwan maze soba shops, and Tsubaki is a good one.


麺屋 つばき

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