Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ebi Miso Ramen Kaiho

I'm often too lazy to travel too far out of Osaka city for ramen, but a new shop opened in Toyonaka that I couldn't ignore. I met up with Philoramen and we visited Ebi Miso Ramen Kaiho together. "Ebi" means shrimp, and that is a hint to the shop's main dish: lobster miso ramen.


The Bowl
This was quite the bowl. The broth was a thick, salty glaze; drinking it was like drinking a shrimp cracker. The noodles kept the soup in check, allowing a more balanced mix of wheat, onions, and shrimp flavors. I appreciated how much the flavor changed as the bowl went on, too. The lemons lightened up the bowl towards the end, and picking out meat from the lobster was a fun way to take breaks from the soup. In the end they offered cheese risotto to be mixed in with the dregs of the ramen. It was a different meal: the bulky shrimp ramen mixed with the charred melty cheese.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


海老味噌ラーメン 海宝


  1. I've never seen a bowl of ramen like that before. I hate to imagine how much that bowl of ramen set you back, given that eating lobster is pretty expensive in most of the world.

    1. It was only 980 yen actually. I'm not sure how they get away with it.