Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tomato no Sato Shinanoji

I had been intending on getting a burger as a way of celebrating July 4th, but instead I found myself at a ramen shop in Awaza. Tomato no Sato Shinanoji is an unusual place; tomato ramen is their specialty. I ordered mine with a couple pieces of barbecue pork and a dollop of rice to clean up the soup at the end.


The Bowl
Despite being noodles with tomato soup, this bowl was fairly different from pasta. The broth was an oily, light soup that tasted like a low-spice version of ra-yu with a simple tomato glaze. The noodles were long and firm, and were accompanied by lots of celery and a few small slices of pork. The barbecue pork was worth the extra money: the slices were tough but thick and juicy in a way that blended with the oil of the bowl.


Would I Go Again?
It's not first on my list, but I would go again.


Should You Go?


とまとの里 信濃路

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