Saturday, July 23, 2016

Noodle-ya ME-CHA-KU-CHA

Noodle-ya ME-CHA-KU-CHA is a shop in a prime location in Horie, but for some reason I have overlooked it for a long time. Recently reminded of it by a friend of mine, I took a short walk to see what they had. The recommended dish was the sudachi shoyu ramen.

「ヌードルヤ ME-CHA-KU-CHA」という店は便利な堀江にありますけど、ずっと見逃しました。最近友達にお勧めしてもらって、散歩がてら行ってみました。店員さんからのおすすめはすだち醤油でした。

The Bowl
The sudachi ramen was filled with flat noodles that slid easily out of the broth, and matched the interesting soup. It was a light and thin shoyu, but filled with the essence of shoyu. It was not gratuitous, and really made the bowl stand out. But that was far from the only topping, and mixing in the red and green onions in gave the the bowl different characteristics. The chashu and egg both had perfect soft textures, but were thin on flavor.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, it was refreshing and in a good location.


Should You Go?



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