Sunday, August 28, 2016


One of my favorite set of ramen shops just opened up a fourth shop in Higashi Umeda. Jinrui Mina Menrui, Seka Ichi Himana Ramenya and Kuso Oyaji Saigo no Hitofuri all focus on dark shoyu ramen, and SUPER MEN is no exception. In addition, they have a set of fridges with various beer from around the world. Their two dishes were usukuchi, or light soba, and koikuchi, or rich soba, and since the usukuchi was not available yet, I got the koikuchi.

好きなラーメン店グループが4号店を開きました。「人類みな麺類」「世界一暇なラーメン屋」「くそオヤジ最後のひとふり」の名物は濃いめの醤油ラーメンです。SUPER MENも同じようです。濃口sobaと淡口sobaがありましたけど、淡口がまだ用意していなかったので、濃口にしました。

The Bowl
This bowl wasn't quite as dark as the other shops, but the shoyu was distinctly sharp; easy to drink with a bit of fish and sweetness at the end of each sip. The noodles were medium, and were the perfect level of firmness to make each bite into them satisfying. There were long slices of chashu that tasted more like roast beef than pork; a trend I've seen at other shops. This was a solid shoyu that offered just a couple nice deviations from the standard.


Would I Go Again?
I would like to, but it is gone now.


Should You Go?
It's closed, so you can't.



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