Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sekai Ichi Himana Ramenya

A few weeks a new ramen shop opened up in Nakanoshima. After several attempts to visit it, I finally found a day I knew it would be open, and went by. Run by the same people of Kuso Oyaji Saigo no Hitofuri and Jinrui Mina Menrui, this shop was sure to have a strange name as well. In English means "The World's Most Idle Ramen Shop". The menu items all had weird names and their "personalities" were based on the different owners of the aforementioned shops. I asked for a recommendation and went with the CAPTAIN GOLD shoyu.

何週間前に中之島に新しい店ができました。何回か行ってみたんですけど、ようやく空いている日を調べて行きました。「くそおやじ最後のひとふり」と「人類みな麺類」を作った人に作られたのでやっぱり変な名前がありました。全てのメニュー名も変で味は店主の性格に基づいているらしいです。おすすめの「CAPTAIN GOLD」醤油にしました。

"The most desarted Rámen-Bar in the world..."
Can I just order that?
The Bowl
If you look at that picture of the bowl and think you see a giant circular piece of chashu floating at the top, that's because that is what you see. Not to be defated by their sister shop, Sekai Ichi made sure the chashu was so big I couldn't see the bottom of the bowl. The golden soy sauce soup was smooth and easy to drink; light but tasty enough that I couldn't stop. The square noodles were light too, but chewy. Of course the chashu was huge and juicy, but it kept with the assari feel of the rest of the bowl, and made for a winning combination.


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