Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sekai ga Men de Michiru Toki

After Jinrui Mina Menrui became a hit, its creators have expanded into a couple other shops. And, as happens with time, employees of the shop have come into their own and created their own shops. Today's shop is Sekai ga Men de Michiru Toki, another wordy title that means "the time when the world is full of noodles".

Just like the other shops, this one focuses on dark shoyu ramen. There is the assari ORANGE PHANTOM, the koi BLACK YOUTH, and the one I went with, the middle-of-the-road ALONE.


他の店と同様に醤油ラーメンがメインです。あっさりのORANGE PHANTOMも濃いBLACK YOUTHもありました。バランスがとれたALONEにしました。

The Bowl
The ALONE was made with soy sauce used with sashimi, and it came through in the broth. More than usual the broth tasted directly like soy sauce, and it had the kind of sweetness that goes with wasabi and fish. The medium, grainy noodles paired with this definitely brought memories of sushi. The other toppings added their own seasonings as well. The chashu was thin and simple, but it had lemon pepper kick, and the menma were knotty branches swimming in the soup.


Would I Go Again?
I would like to.

Should You Go?


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