Tuesday, June 21, 2016


June is prime time for Japanese plums, which means it's a prime time for umeshu. A friend of mine and I visited Wakayama for an umeshu festival, and given how cheap it was and how many varieties there are, we hit it pretty hard. The only way to end a sweet day bender like that is with a bowl of Wakayama ramen. It had been a while since I tried the Wakayama variety, so I was happy to swing by shop Kusumotoya, not too far from the station for their tonkotsu shoyu.


The Bowl
A strong tonkotsu, porky but full of salt, too, this ramen had just the right viscosity to balance out my drunken stupor. Overall the bowl was simple: thin noodles, and thin chashu, both with a slight amount of chew. Good for what it was.


Would I Go Again?
It was good but it's far. I'll try a different Wakayama ramen shop.


Should You Go?
It's good if you happen to be in Kainan city.



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