Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Menya Kuroko

Tenroku is home to a large number of restaurants, ramen shops and non-ramen shops alike. Menya Kuroko is a shop just north of the main arcade, specializing in tonkotsu shoyu, a blend not found too often in Osaka. Their main dish is the Kuroko Ramen, a tonkotsu shoyu with garlicky ma-yu.


The Bowl
As they delivered the bowl to me, I could smell the charred soy sauce and garlic coming. The broth was a bit salty, but the ma-yu was mixed in well, making it feel like a vital component to the soup's charred edges, as opposed to a topping as it often seems like. The noodles were thicker than you'd expect, but as in Takaida-kei ramen, they did their job sucking in the sodium around them. There was a single wide slice of pork that tasted like a sweet piece of bacon.


Would I Go Again?
It was pretty solid, but I have so many other places to visit in Tenroku I'm not sure I'll make it back.


Should You Go?
I recommend this place for anyone who loves that charred garlic flavor.


麺屋 黒琥 -KUROKO-

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