Friday, May 27, 2016

Mario Ryu Ramen

Recently I've had the chance to visit some ramen shops in Nara. Most shops in Nara are all but inaccessible without a car, and even with a car you're in for a bit of a drive and an even longer line. After my previous trip that involved some serious hardcore tonkotsu, my friends and I went for round two at famous kotteri shop Mario Ryu Ramen.


Mario Ryu rates its ramen on a richness scale from one to ten, but of course that doesn't stop them from blowing the lid off the limit and making bowls that have upwards of 25 richness.


I went for the solidly rich 桜島, or sakurajima, a pork ramen with bonito powder and a bit of chili pepper, that weighed in at a richness of seven.


The three bowls. Are they solid or liquid?

The Bowl
This was really no joke. The soup was a murky swamp of salt and pork back fat. The chili provided a bit of spice, and there was a touch of ginger in there as well. I could only take a few spoonfuls of it, but mixing the bonito powder in made it much more tolerable. The noodles, on the other hand, were fat, providing a clean conveyer of the salty sauce. The slices of chashu too were quite large, and managed to contain a much better balance than taking on the broth on its own.


Would I Go Again?
It was very good, but I have to make sure not to eat for a couple days before I go there again. But it's far.


Should You Go?
Anyone with means and an iron stomach should go.



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