Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ramen Igei

On my visit to beloved Menya Taku just a few days ago, I discovered that one of the former chefs started a new shop. Called Ramen Igei, the shop follows in Taku's steps by specializing in tonkotsu gyokai ramen. I made my way to the far side of Nakatsu and ordered a bowl.


The Bowl
This was a broth where the fish came first, and the tonkotsu second. It was rich if not super thick, and doused in fish powder. The surfeit of onions and sprouts kept the flavors in check, accompanied by some extra-long, woody menma. The noodles were thin and hard, almost like Hakata noodles, which was unusual in this kind of kotteri broth, but wasn't bad. There was a massive slice of chashu hiding beneath the waters, solid and porky.


Would I Go Again?
It was good, but why head all the way out there when Taku is so close?


Should You Go?
It's worth a check for Taku lovers.



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