Sunday, December 27, 2015

Muteppo Mushin

Outside of Osaka, there are a wealth of ramen shops I would like to visit. Some of them are nearby stations, but many of them are nigh impossible to get to without a car. Thankfully, though, I have a friend with one! A friend of mine who lives in Mie also likes ramen, and together we decided to explore the ramenscape of Nara.

The first stop was Mushin, the tsukemen-focused branch of legendary tonkotsu shop Muteppo. Muteppo's soup is some of the thickest I've ever tried, so I wondered what their tsukemen broth would be like. I ordered the tonkotsu tsukemen and prepared to find out.



The Bowl
True to its other branches, Mushin's soup was a bog of dirty tonkotsu, stinky and rich, and barely a liquid. The ultra-thick noodles were maybe the fattest I've ever seen, and even a large dose of them sat idly on top of the broth until it was forced in by my chopsticks. The slickness of the noodles worked well with the broth, and I actually preferred it to Muteppo's ramen variant. The juicy chashu stood out as well, and though I tried my best, I couldn't even finish all the noodles. It took half an hour of rest in the car before we could get moving again.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


無鉄砲 つけ麺 無心

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