Saturday, November 28, 2015


One day while wandering around Shinsaibashi I noticed a beef tsukemen shop, Nanatsuki. It opened at the end of last summer right on Europe-dori. Like many shops in the area, Nanatsuki opens at 7PM and closes at 5AM. Taking the hint, one drunken night a friend of mine stumbled over and gave it a try.


The Bowl
This was different kind of fare from what I normally eat while drunk. I expect normally a thin and salty broth, but Nanatsuki provided a thick, sweet, beef soup. That's not a bad thing though; I love rich tsukemen, apparently even while drunk. The noodles were thick enough to fit the soup, and the chashu was pretty juicy. Good enough to make me wonder what it tastes like sober.


Would I Go Again?
I could definitely see myself stopping by after drinking again; maybe even again sober.


Should You Go?
Check it out if you're looking for some late night tsukemen.



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