Tuesday, December 1, 2015


In February, an epic quest began in Kansai. The 2015 Rasai stamp rally began. I first ran into Rasai at the Ramen Derby a few months earlier in Kyoto. Every year they have a stamp rally; you get a bingo card full of ramen shops, and you get bonus toppings for each line you clear. If you fill in all 16 spaces, you get a ceramic bowl with the names of all the shops.


In previous years they did one rally for all of Kansai, but this year they did one for each prefecture. 16 shops in Osaka in four months? A bit crazy, but not too crazy to try.

First on the list was Mugen, a shoyu shop in Noda that had been on my list for a while. Early on the first of February, I paid it a visit with fellow blogger Philoramen and ordered their Chuka Soba.



The Bowl
The soup was dark but just clear enough to see through. The broth stood right on that fence that a good chuka soba balances: simple and refreshing, but still salty and flavorful. The noodles were flat and brown, tasting deeply of the wheat they were made out of. There was a slice of pork and of chicken; normally I would expect the pork to stand out more, but it was a little lacking, and the light flavor and texture of the chicken fit much better.


Would I Go Again?
Yes; this is the right way to experience chuka soba.


Should You Go?


Each journey begins with a single step.


中華そば 無限

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