Sunday, November 22, 2015


Taiwan maze soba is in. Abura soba has always been a variety of ramen that has been missing from Osaka, but not any longer. At the time of writing, I've been to several shops in Osaka specializing it, and I'm sure more will open before I even post this.

What is Taiwan maze soba? It's a form of abura soba that has ground meat, shredded seaweed, onions, and chives, all with a raw egg sitting on top. There's some spice usually mixed in to make it have a wee bit of a kick. Marusho opened in Esaka in 2014, but several months later they opened a second branch in Shin Osaka, making it just that much easier for me to visit.



The Bowl
Time for the verdict. This was my first bowl of Taiwan maze soba, and it set the scene well. The noodles were thick and slightly fat. They had a glean to them given by the raw egg, and it helped them capture stray chives and seaweed as they rotated around the bowl. It had a good spice and was a bit salty overall. Luckily they provided vinegar on the side that cut the saltiness and mellowed the bowl out for its last few bites. With the remaining sauces and toppings, I was given ato meshi, a bit of extra rice that is becoming more common to soak up the last juicy bits.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, this was a good Taiwan maze soba, and I would happily bring someone to introduce them to the style.


Should You Go?
If you haven't tried Taiwan maze soba yet, go to Marusho.


麺や マルショウ

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