Saturday, November 14, 2015


It was a cold Sunday and I was hungry, but I didn't feel like going far. I've been to most of the well-known shops around Namba, so I'm left with the random shops. Botan is one such shop, being the resident ramen shop of recently popular area Ura Namba. I'd been to Ura Namba several times to drink, but on this night I ventured there solely for ramen.


The Bowl
Regular ramen for a regular night. Botan's shoyu ramen was light and garlicky, filled with the oil and salt that shops like this need to use to have the taste ramen should have. The noodles and the chashu were both pretty standard, a little tough. Botan is a ramen shop fit for booze hounds in Ura Namba looking for one last sodium dose on their way home - not one I should be reviewing sober.



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