Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dotonbori Ramen Festa (Sapporo Ramen Musashi)

Day 2 of my visit to the Dotonbori Ramen Festa! With four shops I wanted to try all around for a week, I didn't have to compromise at all. This time I went with Hokkaido's Sapporo Ramen Musashi, and their extravagant gokojo miso ramen.


The Bowl
This was a quality, rich miso, on a cold night that was asking for one. The noodles were yellow and curly, and because I went with the fancier ramen, I got a load of toppings. Melt-in-your-mouth chashu, menma that matched the flavor of the broth well, in addition to an egg, kikurage mushrooms, and seaweed. This was a good bowl of miso; I wish there were more bowls like this in Osaka.



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