Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Osugi Seimen

Just at the end of 2014 a new shop Osugi Seimen opened up in Nishinakajima. Having studied at Mitsuboshi Seimenjo, the chef decided to make thick chicken ramen. The two different offerings were chicken x chicken thick ramen, and chicken x fish wafu ramen. I am always tempted by good chicken and fish broths, but I was told to get the chicken x chicken for my first time.

2014年の12月に西中島で「大杉製麺」という店ができました。チェフがみつ星製麺所で終業して、独立しました。二つのとりらーめんを提供していました。鶏×鶏 濃厚ラーメンと鶏×魚 和風ラーメンがあって、和風ラーメンが気になりましたけど、一回目で濃厚ラーメンがおすすめと言われました。

The Bowl
Out came the double chicken. A thick chickeny paste, it had a slight smokiness, and tons of meaty flavor. The noodles were thick and curly, but required some force to dig them out of the swamp that was this bowl. The bowl packed a punch, and the onions, greens, and fried onion added just a bit of sharpness to keep the bowl edible. The chashu, too, would have been great on its own, but its succulent texture combined with the broth made it heavenly. By the end I did actually run out of stamina, but with a bowl this good, I don't care.


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