Monday, August 24, 2015


A new ramen shop in Honmachi! There's a real dearth of ramen shops in Honmachi, and when I saw Gyogyogyo had opened up, I assumed that it must have taken the place of delicious curry shop Rakuzan. Thankfully, I was wrong. There's more than room for one ramen shop in Honmachi, so I went to find out what Gyogyogyo was all about.

The phrase "gyo" in Japanese often means "fish" in Japanese, so Gyogyogyo specializes in fishy ramen. They offered a rich gyo-paitan and a limited time crab ramen, but I had to go with their famous Dashi Is Life shio ramen.



The Bowl
The soup was a light shio dashi, a bit salty, but easy to drink and filled with kelp undertones. The noodles were round and smooth, shiny in the yellow soup. In place of the standard pork chashu were a variety of toppings. Fish chashu, which managed to take the dashi flavors up a bit, a piece of zesty citrus chicken, and more vegetables than I could count. Baby corn, snow peas, kelp, onions, and more.


Would I Go Again?
What a unique take on shio ramen. I can't wait to go back.


Should You Go?



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