Friday, August 21, 2015

Menya 7.5Hz+

Menya 7.5Hz+ was one of the first shops I visited in Osaka, in the dark days where I wasn't recording my every meal for the internet to watch. It was in those times that I wasn't aware that 7.5Hz+ is one of the big Takaida-kei ramen shops, and I didn't appreciate how accessible it was sitting in Umeda. It had been too long and I was due for a visit, so in I went.


The Bowl
Takaida-kei bowls are simple, and I really appreciate it. A dark and very salty broth, offset by plentiful green onions, and thick noodles that take in the salt and come out as wheaty ropes. Add some menma, a few slices of thin chashu, but avoid a blood pressure test.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, Takaida-kei is great and 7.5Hz+ does it justice.


Should You Go?
You should try a Takaida-kei shop once, and Menya 7.5Hz+ may just be the most convenient.



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