Thursday, August 13, 2015


RIP Gomihacchin, and welcome Onihei to the Nishi-ku ramen scene. Onihei takes a tori tonkotsu bowl of ramen, and offers a few different versions of it: the black, the white, and the red. They all sounded pretty good, so I went with the most popular black, a tonkotsu with ma-yu.

五味八珍がなくなったのが残念ですけど、鬼平に、西区ラーメンシーンにようこそ。鬼平がいろいろな鶏豚骨白湯を提供しています。黒、白、赤もあります。全部おいしそうでしたから、一番人気な焙煎黒まー油 黒鬼麺にしました。

The Bowl
Onihei's ramen had a thin layer of oil and soup on top, with a cloudy thicker broth hiding below. The ma-yu mixed itself into the tonkotsu, creating a garlicky but not overpowering soup. The thin noodles, too, coated themselves in ma-yu as they were pulled out of the bowl, giving them a bit more punch than other bowls. The chashu was pretty good too, split into small, hearty pieces strewn about the bowl. This was not a record-breaking tonkotsu, but a solid one with an interesting twist.


Would I Go Again?
I might go again to try one of their other menu options.


Should You Go?
Tonkotsu and ma-yu fans should check this place out.



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