Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It was November 23rd, Labor Thanksgiving Day, so I had a three day weekend. Not to let that go to waste, I decided to go with a friend to Okayama. It's not the most famous place in Japan, but there's enough to see there.


Okayama Castle
Korakuen Gardens

And a trip anywhere means a trip with food, and of course ramen. Okayama is not a place well known for ramen, so that made picking a shop easy: we went to the top-ranked shop in Okayama on ramendb. Yamato is interesting in that it is not a traditional ramen shop, it's more of a shop that does what Japanese people call Western food or "Yoshoku", which includes ome-rice, curry, and spaghetti. With that in mind, I ordered a small chuka soba and a small katsu-don.


The Bowl
This was a unique bowl of ramen; as opposed to other bowls that just have a tinge of seafood taste, the fish flavors in Yamato's ramen overpowered the flavor of the shoyu. It was a interesting take on ramen, with thin noodles and plenty of bean sprouts to go with the concoction. The chashu was a thick and slightly sweet, like Chinese barbecued pork. The bowl was solid, except that the fishy broth made its mark early, and got a little bit tired at the end.


Would I Go Again?
I might, but I would probably check a different shop in Okayama out next time.


Should You Go?
If you're in Okayama, check this place out.



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