Saturday, July 25, 2015


Some number of months ago, Menchu appeared right near where I live. It was so close that I decided I could go any time, and thus never went. Finally on one exceptionally lazy Saturday I picked myself up and walked over. I ordered the yuzu shio ramen.


The Bowl
The bowl was placed in front of me, and I could feel the citrus steam rising to my nose. The broth itself contained the same flavors: light yuzu shio. The noodles could be eaten in thick bunches of the thin strings, with a slight tinge of yuzu. The chashu was a bit on the fatty side despite how thin it was, but its simple flavor matched the soup. This wasn't my favorite bowl, but a solid one nonetheless.


Would I Go Again?
It's so close, I might wander by again.


Should You Go?
It's not bad for yuzu fans, but otherwise there is better shio around.



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