Sunday, August 2, 2015

Menya Hashi

Tenroku is a happening area for restaurants and ramen shops alike. There are new shops opening and closing all the time, and when I'm lucky, they are close enough to my office that I can go to them for lunch. Hashi is one such place, a new tori paitan place just around the corner. I went by to see what they offered.


The Bowl
Hashi produced a super creamy chicken soup, more akin to a cream pasta than to a standard bowl of chicken ramen. It was quite similar to another shop I'm a fan of, Bokkoshi. The noodles were long and flat, glued together by the viscous broth. Otherwise in the mixture were menma, onions, bits of yuzu, and a single thin slice of chashu.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, this was close, different, and good.


Should You Go?
I can't think of a better tori paitan in Tenroku.


麺屋 橋

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