Monday, July 20, 2015


I was on my way home and feeling hungry. The Ekimae buildings have always been a boon for food, so I decided to look up what was available there. Right across from the fantastic Roran sat Monjiro, the second and now only remaining tsukemen shop that I had once visited in Fukushima, shortly after my arrival in Osaka. How would their spicy tsukemen compare to the other shops I've had since then?

帰る途中におなかが空いてきました。大阪駅前ビルにはいつもおいしいレストランが入っているのでそっちに行ってみようと決めました。めっちゃうまい麺屋 楼蘭の向こう側に紋次郎がありました。大阪に引っ越ししたばかりな時代に福島本店に行きましたけど、今の感想はどうでしょうか?

The Bowl
It was a solid gyokai tonkotsu; the flavor was there but like last time, I came away thinking the soup was a bit thin. The fat noodles didn't have any problems by themself, but they weren't meant for a soup like this. There was a tinge of spice between the reddish-brown soup and the chunks of chashu.


Would I Go Again?
It was alright but by now I've had better tsukemen in Osaka.


Should You Go?
Only if you're really in the mood for gyokai tonkotsu in the Ekimae buildings.


つけ麺 紋次郎

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