Thursday, June 18, 2015


Kyoto is famous for two styles of ramen. One is a thin, dark shoyu style, as exemplified by Shinpuku Saikan. The other is a thicker, chicken soup, also shoyu. There are two shops that represent this style: Tenkaippin and Tentenyu. I had made a pilgrimage to Tenkaippin's flagship shop some time ago, and now I finally had a chance to go with some friends to Tentenyu.


The Bowl
As expected of the style, the ramen brought to me was a cloudy chicken paitan, trying to decide if its flavors were more chicken or umami. It managed the balance well, keeping me hooked for the entire meal. The medium noodles pulled in the rich broth, and although the chashu was plentiful, it wasn't anything above and beyond your standard shop. The whole Tentenyu package is quality - mostly because the broth manages that burden well.


Would I Go Again?
A solid representative of Kyoto ramen. I would go again.


Should You Go?



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