Monday, June 15, 2015

Ramen Itsuwa

Some friends of mine were visiting from America, and I was going to meet them for some post-dinner drinks in Kyoto. That meant I had to find dinner. It was late on a Tuesday night and not much was open. I did some scouring of the ramen scene while on the train, but when I arrived, all three of the places I had looked up were closed. With no time left to spare before my friends were done with their dinner, I wandered into local ramen shop Itsuwa and ordered their yaki-miso ramen.

アメリカから遊びにきた友達と京都で会うつもりでしたけど、会う前に何か食べないとだめでした。火曜日の夜で以外と空いているラーメン屋さんがあまりなかったです。いろいろ調べましたけど、空いているはずな店でも閉まっていました。時間がなくて、適当に近くにある「ラーメン いつわ」という店に入って焼き味噌を頼みました。

The Bowl
This was a hot, syrupy concoction filled with salty miso. The bouncy yellow noodles and little bits of chashu performed their parts ably but no better, and there were the standard ramen toppings of menma, onions, and cabbage mixed in for good measure. The whole thing was fine but nothing special, and ended up being a bit overloaded in salt.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


ラーメン いつわ

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