Sunday, June 21, 2015


More curry ramen in Kitashinchi! A while back I discovered soup curry ramen Gahaha, and just recently it has been joined by a sibling: a new curry ramen shop by the name of Shunsaido. As any Kitashinchi establishment should be, Shunsaido is hard to find, located in an alley off a side street. I got lucky and happened to wander by as the girl who was working there was standing outside advertising. She ushered me in and I ordered the pork curry ramen.


The Bowl
Shunsaido avoided one of the issues I have with many curry ramen places - it wasn't too sweet. Many shops sweeten their curry up for soup, but Shunsaido kept its light vegetable broth curry salty, thinned down just enough to be drank. The curly noodles did their part and brought the broth to my lips, along with some entangled green onions and slices of pork. In true Japanese curry fashion, there were Chinese onions on the side as a break and palate cleanser between slurps.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, curry ramen!


Should You Go?
If you're a curry fan, check this place out.



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