Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Menso Mentama

There was a random ramen shop pretty close to work I didn't know much about. It didn't look amazing, but it was close enough that it would have merited a stop by. RIP, unknown ramen shop, but from your ashes has risen Menso Mentama, the soul of noodles. Not knowing what to expect, I went in on opening day and ordered their recommended special shoyu ramen.


The Bowl
The bowl was a gyokai shoyu ramen; similar to legendary Mitsuboshi Seimenjo, in that it was rich, but within reason. The noodles were medium and very chewy, which went well with the jelly-like egg. The chashu was thick but not great. Rather than Mitsuboshi Seimenjo, this bowl was more similar to Mensho Keiji: it did what it was trying to do fine, but not more than that.

「特製醤油らーめん」は魚介醤油でした。有名なみつ星製麺所みたいに、こってりですけどちょっと抑えられていました。麺がもちもちでクリーミーな玉子に合いました。チャーシューは厚かったですけど、ちょっと味が薄かったです。みつ星製麺所より麺匠 慶次に似ていました。うまかったですけど、三本指に入っているまでありません。

Would I Go Again?
Maybe, it's close enough.


Should You Go?
If you like gyokai shoyu then it might be worth a stop, otherwise there are plenty of good shops in the area.


麺創 麺魂

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