Monday, June 1, 2015


Kitahama is an area that is just out of the way enough that I don't get there very often. I was meeting a friend who lived nearby, so I had an excuse, and I could finally go to a beef bone ramen shop I had been aiming for for a while.

...But it was closed. Some last minute searching online, though, found Ide, a tsukemen shop and the flagship for the Ide I visited before in Amemura, and Tsukemen Senmonten Matsuura in Tenma. Both of those branches are now closed, but Ide was still alive, and ready for a visit.



The Bowl
The gyokai tsukemen broth was a bit thin, which took me by surprise at first, given that the noodles were rope-like fat and curly. But it worked out. The noodles ended up matching the sweet onion taste of the broth, with a dash of yuzu flavor. The thick chunks of fatty chashu and chewy menma complemented what was an already solid bowl.


Would I Go Again?
If I'm in Kitahama.


Should You Go?
If you're looking for a good shop in Kitahama, this is the one.


つけ麺 井手

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